[Off-topic] USA - Net neutrality - It's now!

To all Campers, especialy Campers in the USA : you may feel concerned.

TL;DR: ISPs would be able to make client pay for extra internet content, wich means, in the worst case scenario to an aseptised web. Imagine: $10 to be able to access Facebook/Twitter. Pay $5 more for two or three “news” websites; $15 if you want FreeCodeCamp, and so on…

I’m in France, so it doesn’t affect me directly… for now. But it could be a precedent, then adopted by several other countries in the world…

Internet is our free space of expression; I don’t want to pay for “exclusive content”, selected by others. I don’t want anyone to tell me what I should/shouldn’t read.

I love the culture I can build with its diversity;

I love my freedom of choice.

Extract from the EFF website :

Some large ISPs say they support net neutrality, but that they just want the FCC to go enforce it under a different legal provision, or have Congress pass a specific net neutrality law. But this is just a trick—they already know that if the FCC goes back to classifying broadband as an information service, its net neutrality rules will fail (just like they did last time). They also know that Congress isn’t likely to pass a real net neutrality statute anytime soon, if ever, given the millions that telecom giants have invested in making sure they get to write any regulation of their industry.

The fight over net neutrality isn’t just about consumer protection: it’s about your freedom of speech.


I’ve already signed the petition and encouraged friends and family to do so as well. Hopefully we will remain protected from that kind of behavior from ISPs. If ISPs started actively censoring the internet I can only imagine some court case regarding free speech case coming up, but hopefully it never gets to that point :confused: