Offering Services around FCC, building an ecosystem

I wonder if anyone has thought about offering services around FCC. It is a tradition within the Open Source community and most camps have projects similar to FCC but charge so much money, justified by the ‘support’ one supposedly receives in those programs. The FCC community offers a tremendous amount of support which was always easily accessed by hitting the chat button at the top of the screen. Why don’t some campers offer tutoring and assistance for a small fee? I am envisioning something like a personal trainer who helps you develop realistic goals, acts as a cheerleader and helps out when needed. Extend into the places FCC doesn’t do very well, supporting people on an individual level and giving advice when searching for a job. Companies using this model should return a percentage of the fees to support FCC and make resources based on our collective available. It’s a half baked idea but maybe someone could go with it?

FCC doesn’t have advertising, including for services offered by campers. Some members of our community do make money this way, but they use other platforms to find customers.

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