Office Space Tribute Page

Hi All,

I just submitted my first project (Tribute Page) :grinning:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t test it, 'cause I just couldn’t get the test feature to work. Pretty frustrating, I do hope it will work for future projects.
If you have time, any input will be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot,

I like it a lot.
My only complain is that the orange background might be a bit too bright and doesn’t match much an Office theme. Unless, it is a prominent color in the show (I wouldn’t know).

FInally, all the tests passed. If you want to add it to your page, click on that cog icon (pen setting) next to the javescript frame. Then add the cdn link in one of the two fields available.

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Thanks so much for your feedback, Ed! I added the javascript and it worked, yay!! I’m glad it passed the tests :smile:

Regarding the color, it’s not related to the movie. I just wanted a bit of a retro vibe as well as a vibrant hue. I didn’t realize how vibrant until I viewed it on another monitor (and not the crappy one on my laptop; ouch, such a difference). I’ll keep this in mind for my next project!
Thanks again!

It looks great…! :slight_smile: Looks complete, as @EdMagal mentioned the color has too much contrast, rest looks good. One thing is, i would have stacked the card elements in smaller screens for better readability.
Good one ! and Good Luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for taking the time to check out the page, Sujith :smiley:
I’ll keep an eye out for better colors for my future projects!

Do you mean the quotes section when you’re mentioning the “card elements”? Or also the various segments of the main text?

Wishing you lots of success as well with the course!! :smile::smile:

I meant these two columns and also the text below the banner image,

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Thanks for clarifying!!