Offline documentation for certifications and modules

Not impressed that the accompanying notes for each module cannot really downloaded or accessed.

Don’t really want to download a whole MOOC platform just to read some accompanying notes.

For example are the notes available for Javascript Algorithms And Data Structures Certification (300 hours) and each lesson? Otherwise I will just have the code I typed and need to return to this website every time I want to view documentation which is not efficient at all.



So by the notes, do you mean the “get a hint” type stuff? If so, then yes. It’s all up on github,f, at


I’m interested in keeping the accompanying notes for each lesson. I want to be quickly and easily able to access these in the case I’m working offline.

For example in the lesson Basic JavaScript: Comment Your JavaScript Code [Introduction to JavaScript]

Comments are lines of code that JavaScript will intentionally ignore. Comments are a great way to leave notes to yourself and to other people who will later need to figure out what that code does.

There are two ways to write comments in JavaScript:

Using // will tell JavaScript to ignore the remainder of the text on the current line:

// This is an in-line comment.

You can make a multi-line comment beginning with /* and ending with */ :

/* This is a
multi-line comment */

Best Practice
As you write code, you should regularly add comments to clarify the function of parts of your code. Good commenting can help communicate the intent of your code—both for others and for your future self.



Well, it’s not pretty, but that’s also available on that github: