Offline learning java/html/whatever

Does anyone know of a downloadable programme or app for windows to learn the basics (hello world etc.) Everything i have found seems to be all online programmes or courses such as those in FCC (which are second to none, keep up the good work).
I have a 2 hour bus journey to work each day (4 hours including return) and with my children at home this is the only real time i get to myself to try learn. Now everything i have found seems to run online content but the signal on the bus route is absolutely shocking so online learning is out, im thinking if i can get a downloadable offline version/course i can continue my learning.
Any help is appreciated.


That’s bad :frowning:, but I will try to help…

For android, I’ve used dcoder in the past, which is not a “learning” platform like FreeCodeCamp, but has some challenges to solve. It’s more like Hacker Rank.

I’ve used Khan Academy to learn things like Mathematics, but there are also computer courses (free). The thing is that they’re mostly videos, hence it requires internet, but they do recommend kolibri, which is supposed to work offline. I haven’t used it though :stuck_out_tongue:.

Other than that, see if You can download books like Thinking in Java and Thinking in C++, which often have exercises to try. C++ is quite hard in comparison to HTML/CSS (which are not considered programming languages), whereas Java is much simpler (this was My first language and still use it).

Now, if you want to practice only HTML/CSS, you just need a notepad (yes, the simple Windows notepad or notepad++, if You want) and create whatever You want. Then save the files as index.html and open them with the browser to try them out. Then take some books about CSS and HTML and practice what they teach. Check these books out.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:.

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Thanks I’ll definitely give your advice a try, do you think learning javascript before html would be better?

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I think You should try to learn them together depending on what You want to become.

If You learn JavaScript, it will help you with both, front and back end, whereas HTML and CSS are for the front end only.

Read about what a front and back end developer is and what a full stack software developer is, if You don’t already know :slight_smile:.

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Brilliant I’ll have a look thanks

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