Offline , not saving in Mac OS big Sur safari

it is saying a message like I was in offline so my lessons are being not saved like message in the top of the line green colour message . it is in macOS bigsur safari.

@tajflavours786 Try these:

  • check your internet connection
  • try disconnecting the wifi and reconnect it
  • close the other app which can make your wifi speed slow (eg: zoom, mobile games)
  • if you connect to proxy server then try disconnecting it
  • close the freecodecamp website and the browser and reopen it.

Hi! @tajflavours786 Welcome to the forum

Try these steps:

  1. Check you network bandwidth
  2. Try reconnecting to wi-fi
  3. Try clearing your browser’s cookies and cache
  4. Try updating your browser
  5. Try changing your browser

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