Offline, not saving

There is blue banner at the top of the page that reads:
You appear to be offline, your progress may not be being saved.

I am very much online. My progress is not being saved.

MacOS High Sierra. Safari browser (same issue whether in Private Mode or not).

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@nhcarrigan :thinking:

This can occur when your browser has a momentary lapse in connection. As far as I know, the message does not go away unless you refresh your browser - however, there is a fix currently under review for this. :slight_smile:

Double check that you are signed in. If the banner is still there after refreshing the page, try clearing the freeCodeCamp data from your browsers storage. You will then need to sign in again.

I tried all the steps you suggested but it still didn’t work for me. It’s still showing that I am offline even though I am not.

There are two other things I’ve seen cause this, although they are much more rare:

  1. If you are using an out-of-date or unsupported browser, it may not be able to run the freeCodeCamp code. freeCodeCamp works on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge
  2. Sometimes a faulty browser extension can have side effects that are hard to identify. If you have any browser extensions, they could be silently causing problems for you.

Try logging into freeCodeCamp through another (up-to-date and supported) browser or in a “private browsing” instance with all extensions disabled.

I am using the latest version of Chrome. I tried both using incognito mode (in Chrome) and Firefox but both had the same outcome. It still shows I am offline and is not saving my progress.

Are you logged in?

Yes. I had been using Free Code Camp for about a week or so without problems but from yesterday this issue started.

I checked it out today and it’s working fine again.

I’m glad that it got sorted out. Happy coding.

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It’s happening again. Is a fix for this issue on the way?

There isn’t a known problem on the freeCodeCamp server side with one exception: login issues sometimes occur as a result of corrupted browser storage data. The last I heard, there are people trying to figure out what causes it. It’s relatively rare and I don’t think a common cause has been identified yet.

The inability to connect to the server is happening on the client side. (If you’re unfamiliar with that terminology, “the client” is your computer and “the server” is freeCodeCamp’s.)
The most common causes of this are:

  • A browser extension that has an error that effects some websites, including freeCodeCamp. (I don’t know which one(s), just that disabling extensions is a reported fix.)
  • A VPN that is blocking connection freeCodeCamp. Again, I don’t know which one(s) are blocking freeCodeCamp or why.
  • Poor network quality.
  • Using an old browser version.
  • Being blocked on a managed network such as that at a workplace, school, or library.
  • ISPs blocking freeCodeCamp. This hasn’t been reported as happening in a long time, there have been outages in certain areas based on ISP blocking.
  • Being in China or Russia. In countries that institute nation-wide blocking of some web services we get blocked as an innocent bystander who share service providers with blocked websites.

After using a vpn to use the site the problem has disappeared again for now.