Okay to use GitHub pages instead of codepen?

I’m getting frustrated with codepen; I’m getting a CORS header error because codepen (and not my pen or any code that I’ve written) is trying to get a font from https://production-assets.codepen.io/, and my browser is rejecting it, and this is causing my pen to return a 404 error. I’ve had much better luck in the past with GitHub pages. Would it be okay if I used this platform instead of codepen?

I’ll just quote this from the “About” page:

Do I have to use CodePen for the front end projects?
As long as your code is publicly viewable, and you have a live demo, you can use whatever you want.


CodePen has a couple of advantages, the main ones being the ease of viewing code right alongside the output all from within the browser, quick add of popular libraries, integrated preprocessors, and the “Fork” feature.

However, these qualities are mainly useful for creating quick demos or proof of concepts, not learning how to code. Using GitHub pages is much closer to what you’d be doing when working on a (static) production app.

Also keep in mind that if you go with something other than codepen, you may have difficulty getting help. It’s sooooo easy to help people quickly when they link to a pen.