Old FCC progress vs new/beta curriculum

After a quite hectic couple of months I came back to FCC and noticed that my account was migrated to new paths. This is kinda ok, my previous tasks were migrated correctly, but:

  • curriculum view is now a separate page so it’s not possible to have nice overview in the sidebar without leaving current task;
  • (more importantly) I’m not taken to the next missing task but continue from the last item, which is kinda annoying because I have to go to curriculum view (separate page) to go to next missing task.

Is it possible to continue to the next missing task? Or finish previous track(s)?

Default navigation is based on values stored in your browser. Your browser knows what the last FCC challenge you were on was, but it doesn’t know the order of challenges or which ones you have done. Think of how annoying this would be if you decided to skip a challenge because it had a bug or you weren’t interested in it and every time you logged in, you were forced to that challenge. If you’re going to be jumping around a lot to fill in new challenges that you haven’t done, I suggest having the currriculum page open and opening challenges in a separate tab. There’s also no requirement to do all of the challenges, so any new lessons in an area that you already feel confident in you can just ignore.

Was it like that before? I’m fairly sure it worked just fine, i.e. skipped already done chellenges.
Also - the server knows which I’ve done (and probably the order) so it’s quite sensible to skip already done ones (from the cursory look the next lesson is not hardcoded)

Uhm, wrong. I’m talking about going to the next one after solving one, not the one after logging in! Presenting already solved one as next makes no sense at all!

That’s the separate thing - before curriculum was sliding in-out so it was possible to easily get ones berrings. Now it’s separate page so each time I’m on new challenge I have to check if I’ve done it by opening curriculum. Or open two tabs and make mental effort to remember how many I should solve until next solved.

IMVHO previously the experience was more smooth…