Older projects gone stale!

I finished all three tracks last week; took me about a year of more-or-less full-time work. Problem is, I went back to look at some of my early front-end Codepen projects and almost all of them were broken!

A couple of them just needed to have links upgraded (from “http://…” to “https://…”) but others needed more attention. A link to someone else’s topographic data file was failing on the map project; the Bing Image API was deprecated back in January and really broke my image-search; etc etc.

I also decided to rebuild a handful of the early projects in React. My early jQuery-heavy work looked pretty wonky, now that I look at them with fresh eyes. Currently retrofitting and re-linking to newer versions in my profile.

Tough keeping an eye on all these balls in the air!


yah but you did it!

virtual high five