On-Call Support

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Question: is it normal to have an employer require after-hours ( on-call ) support? …I feel like that’s they’re way of taking advantage? Anyone in the field can give some input?

Yes, but with the very strong caveat that it really should be part of your contract, and that you should have defined on-call timeslots that you are paid for.

This is unfortunately not always the case, and yes they are taking advantage if it is not contractually defined: you are not owned by the company and your time outside of work should be your time (…something something this is why unions something something…). It may run afoul of worker protections if it isn’t contractually defined, depending on country. So for example, if you’re US based you’re probably sh*t out of luck fighting it, but EU/UK maybe it wouldn’t be allowed.


Hmm…that sucks…
Thanks for the input , much appreciated.

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