On challenge 117... personal portfolio huh? Did I miss something here?

What did I miss here guys?

I’ve just completed the challenge where you sign up for CodePen and then build a very simple webpage that is pretty achievable through what we’ve learned so up to this point.

Next click brings me to a another challenge thats asking a lot in my opinion. In the example page you can actually click buttons that will lead you a certain scroll length down the page. When did we learn that?

The example page is way past the skill level we’ve been brought up to at this point (in my opinion). I feel like there should have been more teaching between the end of the first project and the portfolio page. Did I miss something here?

I feel the same way, but the program is designed that way. You don’t have to move directly to that project. I am working my way through the Basic Java section and just finished the counting cards challenge (190). When I feel my skills are more up to where they should be then I will take another look at the portfolio page.

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If your are referring to the Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage project, then all you have to do is fulfill the user stories described. The example is just one way of doing it. Yes, the example has more advanced features which you have not learned yet, but you don’t have to make it just like the example. Just use what you have learned so far to complete the challenge to the best of your ability. The intent of this project is to get your to do some research by checking out other websites and see things you like and try to figure them out yourself. The projects are always going to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.

Once you learn more advanced methods, you can always go back at a later time and “upgrade” your project. It does not have to be “polished” the first time around. Many campers do this (myself included).



Navigating down the page with buttons just combines several things we’ve learned: you give each section its own unique ID, then make an “a” tag, but instead of putting an external link in the href, type the section ID you want to go to.


Hope this helps!


Yes. There is much more coding to this example but it is inspirational if you don’t get bogged down in trying to do all that stuff now. I think the scrolling bar to top is javaScript which we haven’t really covered yet.

Thanks for the encouragement people… especially you @Chloe

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I’m about to finish my last front end project. When doing some of the first projects I felt the same (especially with the intermediate ones), however I think it’s designed to be like this. You have to start looking for answers on the web, get to understand the problem you are trying to solve and find and study solutions from different sources, research why they are working and try implementing them into your code with your own style.