On importing a google font

How do you actually copy & paste to/within the editor?

Find the font you want to load and get the HTML <link .... /> & CSS font-family: .

Here is the FAQ:


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using usual short cuts Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V works

if you are on a touch device it may not work

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I’m on a macbook pro

select with mouse and right click to copy, again right click to paste - that in my experience seems universal
macs have their own shortcuts to copy and paste

It didn’t work. I meant copying codes or text from anywhere to the editor. when I copy something and then right-click within the editor, there isn’t a paste icon which is confusing to me lol

use the shortcuts, those should work
macs have shortcuts too

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The Cut/Copy/Paste commands you get from right-clicking in the editor are using the editor’s own clipboard, as it doesn’t have access to your system clipboard for security reasons. You’ll pretty much have to use the keyboard shortcut ⌘V.

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