On the Job Training. Possible?

Hey there fellow coders,

I was wondering today – what is the likelihood of finding an employer willing to provide programming training on the job? Is this even a thing? Do most employers expect you to come equipped with a degree of understanding and skill before being brought on board?


I believe some people do get internships with the understanding they are new to coding. So they are able to learn a lot on the job. But I imagine if you are straight hired for a job you would be expected to have the minimum knowledge necessary to complete your assigned tasks.

They’ll train you to become productive within their specific methodology and workflow, but first you must demonstrate general knowledge and skills that are applicable to the job.

Internships are almost always for university students, at least in their junior year, with a good GPA. Even then, they’re competitive.

There are organizations out there that pay a stipend while they train you, if you’re a veteran, disabled, or come from an underserved community.

And finally, there are government programs that may do this, at the federal, state, and local levels.

Thank you for the insight! I think internships are out of the question. I will keep plugging away at the projects and challenges.