Once you have a website what are the options?

Ok, I’m asking to experienced people here
I built a website (landing page very simple) and I would like to host it.
I did it from scratch for the training and now I’m looking for the best option on how to host it.
I’m living in South America and I saw the AWS service but on my page I have a little form for people to reach me (name, email, subject, textarea) which I want to receive by email if they do fill theform.
And here I’m lost I don’t know how to choose which provider for the most interesting price but that will do everything I need.
I need help ! thanks

Does the form pass a POST request through the backend?
If so, maybe try Heroku? They allow server side code. I haven’t used their service for hosting a website, myself - just an application. But they do offer webhosting, to my knowledge.

Not a bad idea but heroku is really for web apps
thanks anyway

How are you processing the form submit then?

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Well with the method “POST” because in any case it’s sensitive data if that’s your question.
Otherwise I will probably host it with Webflow or Wix which are webiste builder.
So I will have to adapt my website(I wish I can import html/css/js directly). It will be done this week. I’ll upload the link when it’s done.

Well, you can try Vercel.com, they have a really good service. It can be connected directly into a Git repo, and it’ll build it. It also have a serverless function which is basically backend language that take HTTP requests, that usually handles form request, authentication, and more. I say check it out. They have free and premium version, but you can still do A LOT on the free version. I currently use it because I’m learning on a Svelte environment, and Vercel supports it which is very nice.

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Yes thanks! seems very interesting.

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since it a static site you have in mind, you could use the html5 mail-to or possibly use formspree.io to manage the forms submission on your site… hope this helps