One element not working for whole code (solved)

Currently working on the technical documentation project and having some problems with my <code>. It’s only defining the font the first couple of time that I use it, and in the Scales portion it’s all weird. What am I missing?

hi @cfumholtz,
codepen provides you with code validators for HTML, CSS and JS. Click on the arrow in the upper right and then click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link. You have some errors you need to clean up.
As an aside, you declare the font Vollkorn in the body so you don’t need to declare it every other time. That’s what CSS does.

Thanks for the tip about the code validators, there was some stuff in there that I wasn’t even using and didn’t know.
This didn’t help with my problem though, which is that the courier font isn’t carrying through my whole document where it’s supposed to appear in every <code> section. Any reason why that might be? I changed the body to have no font defined at all so that each section declares a font separately, but that didn’t work either.

just a comment about the content of a paragraph.
where it says that the c chord will only work written
like that for right handers.
that is not true and i still can’t figure out why that was
written. jimi strung upside-down on right-handers.
i thought everyone knew to do that, thereby rock lives…

Dick Dale also strung his guitar upside down. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not how left-handed guitars are meant to be strung. If i put a disclaimer for every type of way you can string a guitar the document would be more about strings and less about tabs.
In the future, if I could get feedback on my code and not the content that I write it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I changed the <code> sections from unordered lists to just normal text lines with breaks. It helped. Thanks anyway.

woodstock '69
jimi finishes his rendition of star spangled banner. just for a moment the crowd is silent…

a man yells out : “but that’s not how left-handed guitars are meant to be strung”

if anyone responded my comments I would take the time to thank them.
the paragraph i was referring to said the tab would not work for left hand players.
this is not true.this would work for left handed players.
don’t come onto a nerd using medium and be offended when someone points mistakes out.
EDIT: after looking at the guitar tab i apologize
you were just being technically correct.peace

I’m a guitar nerd too, bro, I completely understand. Hendrix and Dick Dale are my favorite guitarists and I would never crap on them about how they strung their guitars. Just like to be technical sometimes, ya dig?