One funny question about career in programming

If i succeed to complete all freeCodeCamp projects and challenges (including Coding Interview Prep ) can I be 95% sure that I’m ready to work in the industry?? And if so, what would my level be, if it is even possible to make a guess based on this info and without looking at the code? :smiley:

I realize this might be too ambiguous question, but I just want to get some sense of industry standards…

I mean… I’ve known people who have completed 4 year university degrees and aren’t ready to work in industry…


So, I guess then the answer is ‘maybe’ ? :smiley:

There have definitely been students who have gotten their first developer jobs even before finishing FCC. The commonality in these students is that they aren’t just going through FCC like it’s a checklist to success. They are curious and motivated. They push challenges and especially projects far beyond the mere requirements. They pursue other sources of information to understand how the languages work under the covers, what good design patterns are and why. There aren’t any recognized credentials for self-education, so professional success relies on you to really show what level of work you are capable of.

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Yeah, I understand. Maybe I wasn’t precise enough. I didn’t mean like fCC is some checklist which I can use as a trophy. I was wondering, if I am capable to finish those challenges and projects on my own, does that mean that I have enough knowledge. But with this last post I got the answer. Thanks… :smiley: