One month on the job

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

How do you view your learning curve on the job v.s. when developing on your own? Is it now perhaps that you are getting now more ‘deep knowledge’ about a set of technologies that you use a lot, but previously you we’re exposed to a variety of different solutions? Or the other way around / a bit of both?

Would be interesting to hear!

You’re gonna know what you do all the time very well. Languages I’ve learned on the job vs ones I’ve learned on my own have shown me that what you learn on the job will stick in your head because of repetition.

To add to the post:
I’ve been in the workspace for awhile but started a new job a month ago as well. This time a small company. Regardless of the size, process or the lack there of can be a huge learning curve as well. The more critical the area, the more process will be in place. And if you think that process is just getting in the way, try working for someone with no process. Things get messy, go out broken, and no one every knows what going on but they they can blame you. Comments and QA are your friend. Especially when you get dumped into larger portions of code you did not create.

I don’t know if I learn faster, but I learn more because I’m doing it all day. It is a little frustrating because I wish I could just take a week off and fill in some gaps. By the time I get home I’m too tired to do too much studying.

I am learning a lot. Of course, it’s all very focused on what I need for the job. I can’t really decide I’d like to learn more about the library and just start trying things out.

But I’m not complaining. I get to spend all day learning and solving puzzles. And they’re paying me good money to do it. Wow.

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