One of the best videos showing the daily work of a developer!

If you are curious how your work day might look like once you landed that first job, watch this:

Straight to the point, no happy guitar music or cameras dunked into tea mugs like you see in so many videos of that topic.

Also shows that it is worth to learn the advanced features of Github with CD/CI and testing for your job hunt.

I watched only couple of minutes of the video so my opinion is not strictly related to its content.
I think it strongly depends on the project/team/position you are working on and it also depends how much you enjoy what you do and are you willing to take an extra step and advance yourself technically.
From the perspective of my own short work experience as dev, workday can consist of lot of meetings, discussing topics you are not always familiar or proficient to talk about. It also depends of the client you work for(if any), how strict they are about processes. You might find a bug, which you can hastily fix along an actual “task”, because you work on the same file/code segment, but there might be cases, when you actually should declare that as another “bug task”, document the issue, how it is fixed, create a separate repo branch etc. basically put an extra 1-2hrs+ time on trivial thing you could solve within 2 mnts.
Another big influence on your quality of work is your colleagues. They can be very supportive, assisting, value your work, respect your difference/flaws and help, or thye can be very judging, discouraging and negatively influencing you. You can trive, or you can degrade, depending on your work atmosphere.
There also are the different “stuff” you can do, to solve that issue checked on the time mark you posted the video with, regarding dealing with no avaliable work issue. Picking things from backlog. At my place, we do have those backlog tickets, which are especially designated as extra work, if nothing else is available, things like investigating/solving a low prio bug, add better documentation on complex feature, test coverage etc.
Like i said, you can also improve, by getting more familiar with other aspects and documention of the project you work on(features, packages, API, tests), why not explore a technology used in the project, of which you have less knowledge. And yeah, there are the annoying(imo) things like pipelines and other processes, while we all came to that job thinking we would really open the js or whatever program language file we use and thinker our code logic.

Thanks for sharing your insights!

This video stood out for me because it shows the blunt, daily work.
There are too many vidoes called “my workday as a dev” with lots of
filler material like waking up, going to the gym etc.

It’s not of much value when you are new and just want to know what to expect after the job hunt, maybe getting hints on what skills to work on that you can bring into the team, even as a junior.

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