One of the borders cannot be seen

I Need help with my work.

I have three social media icons. Twitter, Github and freeCodeCamp.

If you noticed on freeCodeCamp, the right border is not visible.

how can I make it visible?

Your social div is too small to contain all the a elements. It doesn’t have a width defined so if you give it a width of 350px it should sort it out and not affect the page.

I’m sure there’s a css property to fix it more appropietely like content-wrap or overflow but setting a width is the quickest way to do it I think.

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Thanks MarioLema,

Problem solved. But how did you know that 350px is the width?

I used the browser inspector, your right border was there but hidden. When I gave a border to the social div it was clear it was too small for what was inside and then it was just a trial-error giving it different widths. I’m finding the inspector more and more useful as I go along, great tool.

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Thanks again for the solution.