One Question per Hour

I’m trying to figure out how much time I should spend answering each question in freeCodeCamp. I am on the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure Certification. I counted a total of 298 questions and 5 projects. FreeCodeCamp list all this certifications as taking 300 hours.

So does one hour per question/project sound correct to everyone?

The difficulty of each question varies widely for everyone, so its difficult for anyone to answer that question for you.

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some shouldn’t take most than a few minutes, some will keep you there for days…

don’t try to keep to the one hour per challenge.
Maybe think instead of being consistent in how much time you spend on it each day?

remember if you get stuck to use Read-Search-Ask

  • Read carefully the challenge description, the test cases, the code on the editor, what you have written
  • Search for what you do not understand, search for ways to do things… google is your friend
  • Ask if you still need help, the more you know the easier it is to ask for help, explaining what’s going wrong, what you understand, what you do not understand. Asking for help is easy, just use the Get Help -> Ask for Help button to create a forum topic