One test failing on this challenge of sumFibs(num)

All tests pass except one. Did you guys experienced the same problem?When num is 75025 i get 60696 but the tests expect 135721.
Here is my code:

function sumFibs(n){
	       let a =0,b=1,c=1;
	      let res = [];
	 	   	c = a+b;
	 	   return res.filter(elem=>{
	 	   	return elem%2!==0;
	 	   	return acc+elem;

I have found where i messed up. The variable c should not be assigned to one but one should be added later when you have filtered odd numbers since in a fibonacci series we have the following numbers: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13.... but in my loop i have only included one 1.