One Test Not Passing - Scatterplot Graph (Data Visualization)

My graph seems aligned both x-axis and y-axis but Test No.8 is not passing.
Can someone please help me figuring this out?

This is my CodePen link:;

Challenge: Data Visualization Projects - Visualize Data with a Scatterplot Graph

Link to the challenge:

With some local tests, I was able to pinpoint the problem as this datum

    "Time": "36:50",
    "Place": 1,
    "Seconds": 2210,
    "Name": "Marco Pantani",
    "Year": 1995,
    "Nationality": "ITA",
    "Doping": "Alleged drug use during 1995 due to high hematocrit levels",
    "URL": ""

which is the lowest point. You can see the problem in action if you log your parsed time and the corresponding raw data from the function calculating the data-yvalue:

parsed:  Mon Jan 01 1900 00:39:51 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)
y-location (date):  67.61111111111111
y-location (ISO date):  undefined
time:  36:50
parsed:  Mon Jan 01 1900 00:36:55 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)
y-location (date):  488.05555555555554
y-location (ISO date):  undefined
time:  36:55

On the first datum, the times are not matched and the y-coordinate is not correct.

The problem lies somewhere in that you’re doing a lot of the work manually that D3 should be doing by repeatedly processing the date and time information (like parsedData, increasedSecond, yAxisMeasurements, the calculation for data-yvalue, etc.) and sometimes you are using the raw data and sometimes parsedData. Somewhere in all that is the off-by-one error that’s causing the problem.

I think the problem with y-location was because I was fixing data-yvalue in CodePen .
I will rewrite the repeated functions as you said.
Thanks for pointing these out!

I deleted some repeated functions as you said and changed
.attr('cy', (d) => yAxisMeasurements(d))
.attr('cy', (d) => yAxisScale(d3.timeParse(specifier)(d.Time)))
and data-yvalue from

let date = new Date(parsedData[i])
let result = date.toISOString()
return result;


let result = d3.timeParse(specifier)(d.Time)
return result.toISOString();

and, Finally, passed all tests!

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