One UI - All big companies removed there colors in there apps

Why google, facebook, truecaller
removed the colors of there apps to (white + grey) or black

Microsoft just added color back to its Windows 10 icons, actually.

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Google and Apple both embraced that flat look in recent years and encouraged app makers to adapt their design guidelines for a uniform look of their platforms. They say similar things about limited/conscious use of color in their guides:

From Google’s Material Design Guide:

Limiting color
By limiting the use of color in your app, the areas that do receive color gain more attention, such as text, images, and individual elements like buttons.

A grayscale color palette is best for allowing photography and text to stand out.

From Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines

In general, choose a limited color palette that coordinates with your app logo. Subtle use of color is a great way to communicate your brand.

Use color judiciously for communication. The power of color to call attention to important information is heightened when used sparingly. For example, a red triangle that warns people of a critical problem becomes less effective when red is used elsewhere in an app for noncritical reasons.