Online Classroom Bootcamps (Learn Tech Skills first, Pay Later)

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My personal take on this is if you are going to pay for web development, other than the occasional $10 here, $5 there for udemy courses or the like, then you might as well just take the hit and enroll in a real CS or related program in an accredited university, even if it is an associates to start with, and especially if you are young and life hasn’t gotten in the way yet.

The reason is almost everything they will teach you at these costly boot-camps is already freely and almost freely available online, the only cost is time and grit. Also, a STEM degree will stay with you for life, where as these certificates will not, they will wither away with time, of course the professional experience you get after your learning from either path is the most critical for employers at the end of the day, but still, if up to me I’d rather have that experience backed by a STEM degree, even if I pay more upfront, rather than these short tenured but costly certificates.