Online coding skills test

Hi - I came across TripleByte’s online coding evaluation but never received the results from that test.

I know there are tons of other online sites out there but wanted to get recommendations from this group before Googling my day away. I want an evaluation that employers look at and also one that will give you tips/resources to fill in knowledge gaps.

Thank you.

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TripleByte is a full-blown recruitment agency rather than a mere coding challenge site. Once you take their assessment tests, you get a screening interview with a real human, and I’m led to believe that interview is pretty difficult. They have a pretty good reputation overall. They mainly place in the Bay Area, and a little googling around shows they’ve expanded into NYC too. If you haven’t gotten any results from the test, just send them a polite email asking for an update. They might just be backlogged. When it comes to recruiters, you pretty much always have to nag them.

Coding challenge sites like Hackerrank and whatnot are great for practice and personal bragging rights, but I doubt any employer ever takes them seriously. A portfolio on github carries much more weight.


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