Online shop using JavaScript


I am creating my first live website for a family member who has a small business, and I’d like to create the site from scratch.

The question I have is this:

Is it acceptable to use Javascript to handle the shopping cart section of the site?

Many thanks in advance.

What do you mean exactly by that?

Do you want it to have animations in there? Or it handles the payments? Or it displays what the customer bought?

NodeJS is a JavaScript framework for backend, so it is totally possible for you to do that

how much experience do you have with full-stack apps?
you totally need a full-stack app for an ecommerce website, doesn-t matter how small it is, a front-end, a back-end, a database to store merch and users and orders infos…


I want to use javascript to handle the shopping basket and then send the total to PayPal for payment processing. I have hardly any experience of back end. I know how to create and access a database (mainly sqlite) with php.