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So i’ve been thinking of different ways to work through some of the harder lessons, and also start to pair program. So i decided to try and form an online study group for FCC and other sources if needed (i use multiple sources to learn myself).

This group will be in G+ in a “invite only” community. I chose g+ because it better suits the needs of a study group. Posts will be separated by groups, (html, css, bootstrap / javascript / jquery / etc…), we will hopefully host a hangout onAir study group, where 3-5 of us get into a hangout at least once a week and work through things that are troubling us, if we are all in a comfortable position and nothing is troubling us, then we are no longer in training :slight_smile:

I know replies will come back with “thats why we have gitter”, and I fully agree gitter is awesome and i find help there very often, although more times then i like my questions have disappeared within the mix. I have noticed this a lot for myself and other campers. I see there questions and i’m in the middle of helping someone else, or being helped and the question goes unanswered a few times because the chat room is so busy. This community will allow for posts, that can be replied too on the spot, or in a text hangout, or just jump into a video hangout and work it out that way.

At first I am going to limit the number of campers in the group to 25 just to see how it flows. I don’t want it to get over packed and then we just have a stream of posts and things are getting unanswered.

The onAir sessions i’ll be running will be Thursdays from 9-11pm EST. (As it’s the only language I know, I will require who joins us onAir to speak English. (They will start in a week or two as i smooth out my personal schedule a little more)

Some of the things I would like to see worked onAir are lessons, individual methods, functions, tags, etc… all the way to full blown projects we work out. This will allow people who are too shy/proud to ask to join for help the ability to watch us on youtube.

The rules for joining the group are simple and very in line with FCC community. I’m looking for like minded people who are motivated and want to learn not just get an answer and power rush through something. Willing to work together as a pair or even maybe a team to work on fcc projects or projects we come up with ourselves.

I will not tolerate (this is the warning), any negativity towards another person. You will be removed if you insult, belittle, or your just an a&&.

The possibilities are almost endless when you think about (I have and my imagination has gone very wild) what could be done in a group like this.

Let me know if your interested, as of this post there are 23/25 spots available.

Sounds like a good idea. I wouldn’t mind participating. :slight_smile:


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Is there any online study group in India / Asia / EU ?

I could suggest the Discord Server:

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