OOP and arrow functions

I get it, I can’t use arrows when it comes to constructor function.

But the thing is: in challenge steps of OOP section,in general, there are no single example with arrow functions in instructions, though I was able to pass many tests using arrow functions. Couple of examples:

Like here (IIFE), I wrote it with arrows:

And creating mixins:

Example for mixins from instruction:

let flyMixin = function(obj) {
  obj.fly = function() {
    console.log("Flying, wooosh!");

My solution:

let bird = {
  name: "Donald",
  numLegs: 2

let boat = {
  name: "Warrior",
  type: "race-boat"

// Only change code below this line

let glideMixin = (obj) => {
  obj.glide = () => "Outstanding gliding is happening!"


I am curios: is there any reason not to use arrow func-s when it comes to object-related code?

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