Open #LockDownConf YouTube videos for language contributions?

I’m Matt, and I’m a freelance translator based in Argentina.

I volunteered to do Spanish captions for the LockDownConf video, and both @QuincyLarson and the contributions page at contribute.freecodecamp mention that we can contribute captions directly on the videos. However, the video still shows up as closed for contributions.

Should I speak to anyone in particular to allow submitting translations? Alternatively, I could just send an .SRT file with the captions, but I would need to know to whom.


PS: I can’t add the URL because the forum says I’m still too much a n00b here and can’t be trusted posting links. :slight_smile:

Hi Matias,

Just to confirm, we have opened this video up for captions. If you discover any other videos that are not open for captions, please let me know. This was due to a misconfiguration on our part, and was not intentional.

Thank you again for helping make these videos accessible to a broader audience of Spanish speakers.


Awesome! Thanks Quincy.
I’m already working on captioning that video.

I checked a few others and are all open now.
If I find any other not open for collaborations, I’ll let you know.


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