Open multiple component in tab in angular material

I have angular application with 10+ component pages and side navigation bar for open the respective components. Since angular supports only SPA we wanted to show the 10+ components in a tabbed manner. If I click on Component1 in navigation pane it has to open the page in a new tab. Then again if I click on component2 in navigation pane it has to create a new tab for opening component2. So that both the component1 and compnent2 will be available in the same time in two different tabs. Similarly every time if I click on new component it has to create new tab. How to achieve that in angular 9?

When I search for “angular, open in new tab” I get a lot of results. The stackOverflow topic that shows up first includes how to do this with full urls as well as how to update your router to open internal links in a new tab.