Open Source Find Help

I have put together an open source projects
I am trying to figure how open source projects get contributors.
I can’t offer compensation, but would just like to introduce my project to more people.
What are the ways people do that?
Are there any common forums?

Projects normally get contributors if/when they’re useful.

So for example if you write a library and people find that useful, some people may want to fix issues with it, or add features etc.

Most projects are started by a single person who wrote a piece of software they needed, and it turns out other people also found needed it, and it grows from there. Projects don’t generally start life as a collaborative exercise.

The exception is that sometimes very large projects (languages, large frameworks, databases, etc) have multiple contributors. But they generally start life as something created by an organisation for that organisation’s purposes, and the contributors are simply paid staff working for the organisation. Those may then be open sourced at a later point. Most open source projects don’t start like this for simple financial and logistical reasons.

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