Open Source Group Opening

Hi All:

I am part of an Open Source Group that is looking for a couple of developers to work on an AWS project. When I was starting to learn about IT and eventually programming, I remember being pretty frustrated that it was harder to get into OS groups sometimes than jobs. So wanted to make a post here that was very limited on requirements.


  • Speak English fluently (nothing against foreign devs and we might need you later for sure)
  • Have some knowledge of AWS and be willing to learn more / self-study
  • Know Javascript. You should have completed at least the Front-End portion of the curriculum. Ideally other sections as well.


  • Open Source group. Currently has about 60 contributors and over 500 stars on Github, so legitimate / been around for a while
  • This is a small team within the main group that mainly focuses on AWS PaaS and IaaS based projects


  • Work with real developers and devops people who do this as their full time job during the day
  • Make a real, financially quantifiable contribution to the open source healthcare community
  • Accepted pull requests and contributions on your Github obviously, and I would encourage you to add this group to your LinkedIn


  • Obviously unpaid…it’s open source
  • Also really more AWS focused. An extremely important skill to have, but ideally you will have done more than Javascript at some point in your life

Next Steps: Send me a message. There are limited spots but that’s only because managing X people has a communication overhead. At the very least I’ll respond to everyone though.

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