Open Source Idea

Hello All,

From the day i started coding, i am coming across a lot of beatufily prepared documents, web pages and etc. Internet is full of free sources for developers. In other industries i haven’t experienced something like that. This community tries to help all new comers. I wonder how this ideas of open source and helping others voluntarily started. Any sources i can read about these topics?

I’ve always used wikipedia as a starting point for questions like this:

Due to its use of plain-formatting, basically no-ads, and excellent reference linking, you can easily “fall down the rabbit hole” very quickly and easily on any topic.

Fun-fact, Wikipedia is “crowd sourced” information, in a similar way open-source is crowd sourced software among other things ^.^


Thank you for your assistance @bradtaniguchi .

You might be interested in reading The Cathedral and The Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond. It’s a fairly short book and outlines the history and early ethics of the open source movement.


Thanks @millar, i will have a look.

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