Open Weather API challenge is not working with getCurrentPosition

Looks like google put the ban hammer on getCurrentPosition with an HTTP request. It no longer works unless done over a secure connection.

WeatherAPI only works over an HTTP request unless you pay money to get it through a secure connection.

So what gives? Should I just not use getCurrentPosition and put in a static location? Seems like that really defeats the point of this challenge.

Any ideas on how to get locations that work through HTTP?

There are other weather APIs, served over https, that provide you with some number of free calls. Apixu allows 5k calls per month with out any fee. Should be more then enough for development + some bragging in front of friends :wink:

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Ah sweet thanks for that! I appreciate it :smiley:

Wow I’m not sure why they don’t recommend this one instead. Such a better api! Much more verbose in data too :smiley:

Yup. I guess all the efforts go into FCC beta now :wink: