My Idea for An Open Repository of Programming Language Grammars

Hi folks,

For some reason programming languages and language implementation really interests me.

I purchased with an idea of having a website which could be a 1 stop reference shop to see formal grammars of programming languages.

For example maybe someone is interested in implementing language X using language Y.

Maybe they want to do it using Lex and Yacc, or maybe they want to do it using antlr or some other language tool. Or maybe they just want to do it old school and do it from scratch.

So they go to lookup the language they’re interested in and from there they can download EBNF, Antlr spec, Lex/Yacc spec etc…

Maybe they can also download a series of standard tests to run.

So anyway, I’m still going through freecodecamp, not a pro website designer, and curious to know what could be a minimum viable product to work towards that wouldn’t be overly complicated. Ideally I’d like to stick to plain ES6, and use libraries only where it’s really necessary.this approach would help me develop JS skills. I find ES6 actually quite nice to work with syntax-wise compared to ES5.

Also not quite sure the best approach for creating the repository for all these language specs. For example, storing things in a db, or if it’s something that could just be stored to a git repository, and basically all the website ends up being a front-end, sending language specs to the git repository and retrieving from it.

Would love to hear from you if you have any recommendations on a good approach.

PS Hope to meet some of you at the Ottawa Meetup next week.

You can get inspiration from similar websites or