Opinion about javascript and jquery sections

I think that javascript and jquery sections could have been done much better.
I just can’t understand a thing about the quote generator and other exercises because I can’t figure out anything from the explanations. I have to look for solutions or tuts all around the internet in order to proceed.
As a result I feel a bit discouraged.

What do you think people? do you have any suggestion? Should I just work harder, or anybody else is facing or has faced the same problems?

Exactly. That’s the whole point.
When you land that developer job, you won’t know everything that you’d be assigned to do. So you’d be googling around, reading reference manuals, or consulting books!

Well, you better think hard if you want to be a developer.
Developer life is never ending, constant learning. Things are not stagnant, always new stuff happening around you. New languages, new tools, new frameworks, etc.

Suck it up and just keep chugging. Everyone went through similar situations.