Opinion about project logic

So, I’m not trying you guys to build me the project, I’m just collecting some opinions and insights on what’s the best logic for this project. I will in the future ask for more details, of course, as I’m building it, since I’m a begginer.


  • I’ve been using Kantu for automation, so, I’m thinking of mixing a little of that with python
  • Weekly I have to make several bank payments and it’s boring and exhausting. Talking hundreds per week
  • I’m trying to automate the process, at least a little bit, so it’s faster and less boring :stuck_out_tongue:


  • We handle claims and for the daily work and payments we work with 3 platforms: one that records the claims and several aspects about them, a second one where the bank movements are registered; the homebanking platform (there is no workaround for this, we have to deal with all of them)
  • Each claim has a reference number that’s also the folder name for each one of them
  • Inside each, there are pdf files (one or more) that contain the payment references and the value to pay
  • We have to open each folder and pay, changing afterwards the claim stage for (paid, for example) and registering the total amount (the sum of the values of all pdf’s for each claim) in the “money platform”
  • I can export from the claim management platform the list of claims that need to be paid


  • From the exported list from the online database (that lists all claim references), using the claim reference, open each folder, strip two lines in a table from the pdf and add them to 2 new columns on another excel/csv file, also add a column for the name of the pdf from where the info was striped.
    Column 1: pdf filename
    Column 2: payment reference (stripped from the pdf table)
    Column 3: value to pay (stripped from the pdf table)
  • Now use the complete file to copy from each row and make the payments.
    On the bank side:
    Input Field 1: claim reference
    Input Field 2: payment reference
    Input field 3: value
  • Save the payment proof based on the name of the pdf file, just changing a word. (We have for example 12345 Pay 1.pdf, 12345 Pay 2.pdf, and the payment proofs should be 12345 Payed 1.pdf, 12345 Payed 2.pdf, …)
  • Now kantu would update after each claim, the infos on the rest of the websites


  • Kantu would only update the other websites after all the claims are paid.

I’ve searched for ways to open files in folder with specific extensions or names. Don’t know yet how to use a list of folders to be opened.
But what do you think? What would be the best option? Or none of these?
Thank you in advance.