Opinion on completed Product landing page

i just wanted opinions on the product landing page since this is my first ever proper web-page i have ever created. i tried to be very creative with it but i feel like its very bad compared to others I’ve seen on the forum. i would be very grateful if you gave me some form of criticism on the web-page please

thank you

Pretty cool! Take a look at this reference.

I would focus on separation of contents with paddings and content alignments especially your form.
Do a research on how other websites implement contact us forms and try to apply what you like from theirs, it will help!


thank you for the advice, i feel like crap when i see how good the other web-pages are on the forum compared to mine. But i am literally new to all of this coding stuff, i will definitely look into that link you just shared and see what kind of experience i can gain from that. the CSS layout of a web-page is bugging me a lot and i really need to fix up on that.

i appreciate the advice given
Thank you

It’s hard to get creative. I’m on a windows laptop, and the site overflows to the sides. Try to make content scroll down, not left and right.

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so basically i should try to fix up the width of the page right? if im correct

thanks for the advice btw

hey useful resource thanks for sharing

@hajimon_53 Exactly. Good Luck!

You’ll pick these things up over time. Don’t stress too much. Remember, things aren’t going to look all posh and fancy on your first projects. You’ll get there.


thanks for the advice bro, yeah you’re right i just need to practice more and more everyday until i get the grips of it properly. i fully need to learn media queries as well as the design for my web-pages. if you do have any website that would help me with media queries i would be very grateful for them