Opinion on redesigned portfolio page?


Hi all, just wondering if you like my new portfolio page. I moved away from multiple pages to just one - what do you think?


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Very nice! Gives me motivation to get mine done :).

two things jump out at me…

  1. Is the image of you supposed to be up under the nav bar? That may be my own set up (lower resolution, larger text display on mac)-- at 80% zoom it’s fine but at 100% your headshot is up under the nav bar.

  2. The blue twitter is a little hard to see against the green background you have. Again probably personal taste but something to think about.

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Thanks for feedback. I need to take a closer look at my profile image on smaller screens. Sometimes it sneaks up under the navbar.


I like the effect with the animated wireframes. What did you use to create that?

Amazing. How did you do the front page effect?!

@1-1 that is using particles.js, really recommend it :slight_smile:

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