Opinions on copying code?

Ever since a web development course, I’ve loved web development with HTML and CSS. I have a degree in a completely different field but I would love to create my own website and maybe freelance for others in the future. In my course, we relied heavily on W3Schools and Bootstrap (basically copying and pasting their code). Is this something a lot of web developers did when they first started out? Is it something you memorize eventually?word counter VidMate

Well, if you’re copy-pasting it, then it’s much less likely that you’ll remember it or be able to write it yourself because you didn’t write it. I’m not saying that professional developers don’t every copy-paste. We certainly do. But it’s not how we solve most of our problems. We tend to use copy-paste in code the same way that most people do in written text. Sometimes you realize that you want to move something from one place to another, or you want the get the exact spelling and phrasing of something correct, or you are repeating the same piece of text over and over.