Opinions on first project - re-design website of a local restaurant

At the moment I am learning front end technologies in hope to land a dev job someday.
For a project I wanted to see If I could find some local business for which I could do small website or re-design their current.

So I found a local restaurant which website is outdated and not mobile responsive.

The link of their current website is : http://www.pizzeria-venezia.ba/index.php
This website could be build when this was just a classic pizza bar. Today this pizza bar is actually a more modern restaurant that offers nice dishes, not just pizza. Also by visiting their restaurant I could see that this place is now more serious and modern, offering catering services, private space for private celebrations and etc.

That’s why I decided to make a re-design and build it out. I shifted focus from pizza to more of a restaurant presentation. I don’t think that the website will be main key for getting new customers because most customers heard for the restaurant by word and their facebook page but I though that offering a better website could give overall a better and more complete look to the owner.

I’ve hosted the website on github pages : https://pavogabric.github.io/venezia/

Website is in croatian language.

I wanted to offer my website to the owner and see If he does like it and maybe use it.
I thought it would look good on my resume If a real business used site I made.

I would love to hear your opinion because I am a little bit scared to do that because I don’t know if the website looks good enough.


Greetings :wave: @pwnz,

The restaurant seems pretty good compared to its current digital aesthetics.

Your site clearly looks more solid and professional than the one they currently have. If time isn’t an issue and you don’t mind to keep the ball rolling, I would change the hero.

Here’s a quick sketch I made:

The pizza fits the restaurant’s theme and can make a lot of room for fancy animations like spinning in while rotating and stuff like that.

WOW!! This website looks really professional. I am jealous… I’m good in the coding stuff, but I am not good in the visual design. Where do you learn your visual design, or is it just natural. And your visual design is REALLY GREAT… Keep up that good work man!!!

Hi Queryeleison,

Thanks for your feedback and for your idea for the hero image.
I’ve sent the website to owner to see if he likes it and I will ask him if the hero picture you made looks more appropriate. I was lacking ideas for hero section and your example made me think re-doing it with something similar. You wouldn’t mind If I’d copied a little bit? :slight_smile:

Hi Catalactics,

Thanks for your kind comment, I appreciate it.
Well, for UI/UX basic stuff you could watch DesignCourse channel on youtube, he has great tutorials on design and also on coding.
Another tip I can give you is to, when starting with new project, you can search online for similar websites to get inspiration and build something with your own twist and idea.