Opinions please!

hello I’m stuck in the algorithms part would be better if I repeat the part of data structures ?: Thanks and keep coding.

It can be very useful to review specific lessons as needed, but I doubt you’ll get much value out of just repeating the whole section.

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thank you very much ArielLeslie for your response and your time.

just review the chapter where you are stuck …
if you want to refer to any other topic you can …

Thank you sush1998 :+1:

Define stuck. Have you solved any challenges in the algorithms part? How much time have you spent being “stuck”? How are your googling skills? Which things in particular cause the most problems for you? When did you start programming? How far along are you in your journey? Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day :slight_smile:

If you are truly stuck it’s a good idea to step back and try a different learning approach. Maybe another course by another author. Make sure to pick a course that gives you homework. Writing your own code every day is THE ONLY WAY to become a professional developer. Watching tutorials on YT and copying all the actions of the instructor is very entertaining, easy and gratifying. But it has VERY limited value even for beginners and is a dangerous sinkhole that can lead to a lot of frustration and a lack of progress.

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hi NickEU thank you for your words have helped me make other decisions.