Opionions on my portfolio (still unfinished)

I’d like some opinions and suggestions on my portfolio website. It still isn’t finished, will add some animations, hover text on “my project” images once I get some real projects done (and involve some jquery) and for some reason ionicons on the bottom don’t display so I have to fix that.

Anyways here it is github

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Did all of this in brackets/chrome on xubuntu.

EDIT: here’s a fifth version of the portfolio on github.

This looks great, I love the graphics, simple design, etc. When you click on the navigation bar, I think the speed to get down to say, “Contact” is just right, not to fast, and not to slow. Great job, and I think the hover text will look great!

Thanks Hannah :slight_smile: I appreciate it. The transition for those links is made with jQuery.

Looks good! When you make the window smaller your nav bar covers up your hi section and becomes uneven though.

When you navigate to the different sections or click the navigation links there is nothing to denote you change page. Other than that I enjoy the design.

@tchbell I know, it’s something with the navbar I used from bootstrap’s website. I’ll see into it.
EDIT: fixed it. Now it’s responsive and fully working.

@coloradomountain Could you explain that please? You’re talking about the navbar not changing when clicked or?

A:visited on the navigation is what I was meaning. Sorry for the vague post.

Oh yes. I was thinking you’d say that. I was thinking about which color to use on hover that would go along blue/black theme. I will do something different, unless I forget. Let me write that down :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: there it goes I added it but still has some glitch. So I decided to use just a different font color on hover. Hope you like it.

Hmm I’m not seeing a change on Firefox beta or Chromium on BSD. https://github.com/skullscream/myportfolio/commit/2ba69edc20f615fcd30298f3c9d8ddbd534f7ee7 Also I recommend using commit messages, but props for using Github!

How can’t you see it? There is a white hover effect on the text. Screenshot. I’m also using Chromium and Chrome on xubuntu and they are working.

I use commit. When I’m uploading a new version of the website I do:
~$git add --all ~$git commit -m "Initial commit" ~$git push -u origin master

Just like pages.github.com says.

why are you doing this?
~$git add --all
~$git commit -m “Initial commit”
~$git push -u origin master

I'm curious, is this somehow better than using GitHub desktop?

Anyway, the page is very nice! Have you considered using [scrollspy](http://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_scrollspy.asp) for your navbar? The black is stuck on about the whole time, even when I click on skills or something, about is still highlighted.

@IsaacAbrahamson There is no github desktop for linux. Only via terminal.
EDIT: turns out there is github desktop client for linux. Never mind I should be getting used to terminal anyways.

Haven’t considered scrollspy. The black is on about because it is the active page once the website is loaded. It has a class="active" by default when you copy it from bootstrap’s docs. I can remove it that’s no problem I just think it subtly separates it from the rest which is nice the way I see it.

Been thinking into going for smaller navbars like catico’s here. Only mine wouldn’t need to be clicked because it would already be expanded.

Git-scm is the goto book to learning git, and the online version is free.

Many graphical interfaces don’t offer all of the features git CLI offer.

When you specify -m “initial commit” your setting your commit message to "initial commit"
You want to more descriptive:

Git commit -m “added :visited to main nav”

Git is version control system, if all commit messages are the same it becomes difficult to track changes.

Also don’t use git add --all just add the files you modify or add, and check our the git status command
Looks great on Firefox Beta mobile, will check again on desktop

Ok thanks for that. Yes I know that all those commands aren’t necessary every time and they should differ just didn’t find the time to go into more github stuff. I found also on Derek’s channel GitHub tutorials. Thanks for the book too I found GitKraken now and will try it out, then Git CLI.

All I need to do on the portfolio is add an animation or two, resolve the problem with viewport units not resizing my font and adding PHP to the form to send me the email.