Opportunity for a project that i don't know how to start

Hello, I want to start out saying I am not a programmer but i would like to be! I am taking this course but it is slow progress.

I have an opportunity to create something here at work, so i can learn to code on work time and leave them with something functional to use when i become a millionaire and move on.
I work at a small retail store and we recently started taking in computers for repair. I created a small Excel sheet with some VBA macros to help with saving and archiving these documents.
Since then we have done so many repairs that the file system is no longer sufficient and i think we need a proper database.

What i would like to create is something with a simple user interface to input data and notes, that will save all the customer and repair data in a database, that can then be searched by a verity of criteria.

Can someone please suggest something to get me started on this project?

If your work has a full Office Suite, then you probably have Microsoft Access.

Thank you for the reply! However I want to take this opportunity to learn to code.

You still may need to use VBA for Access to do specific tasks. If you want to develop a web app for your office then continue on with the FCC curriculum. It will cover back-end topics like databases and how to interact with them.