Oracle ERP to Java / Javascript career transition in Berlin

I recently got a job in Berlin in java dev. My wife will resign her present job to come with me to Berlin and as of now she is also looking for a job over there.

She has a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and 6+ years of experience working in IT for companies like Accenture, Oracle and GE. She is presently 29 and Her main area of work is SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle ERP etc. In Berlin there are almost zero requirement for these skills and her search is going nowhere.

Currently she is evaluating the possibility of switching her career to java /javascript for better job prospects. She has some (very basic) work experiences in java, javascript and python through couple of her projects. Assuming that she spends some months getting to learn java better, how difficult it is to get a job in Berlin , given her career background? Also, if not Java, then how is the feasibility of transitioning to Data Engineering?

Would really appreciate any suggestions and / or advice. Thanks.