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Hello all :slight_smile: I have a pretty general question I wanted to get a consensus on. what order do you program in? by that I mean do you do design first? such as html and css to get it to look how you want and then program the functionality. or do you get a basic layout set up along with the functionality and then worry about how it looks after? and is there a best practice or industry standard to this?

There is no standard. Do what makes sense.

I tend to like to make sure everything works first, so I tend to build the functionality first. I hate breaking everything apart (into React components) and then realizing I need something different to make things work the way they should. But you can also go too far in the other direction. Which ever you choose, I wouldn’t want to get too far ahead of the other.

I tend to do some planning out in my head or on paper, break things into small features, then get the functionality and then the UI of each feature.

At work, often it is the UI/UX team that will define these things. So, I’ll get a list of requirements and some designs and then I code them. I like to break them into the service layer (API calls, etc) and the UI layer (what the user sees). Sometimes each of those gets done by different people and sometimes we beed a task to integrate the two.

There is no perfect, catholicon plan, you just figure out what works for you and adapt it to your team and the specific project.

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glad to hear there doesn’t seem to be a standard because I have been doing just that.

just going with what makes most sense at the time. for my drum machine project I started with design and then added functionality, but with something with more logic like the calculator project I decided to do the functionality first and will do design afterwards. I of course already have it split up into basic react components such as display and keypad so the design should not be to difficult once the functionality is done.

I sincerely appreciate your reply :smiley:

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The requirements for what a feature needs to do, how it should behave, and (usually) what it should look like are decided upon and documented before I begin writing code. Sometimes I’m part of those conversations and sometimes I’m not. Then it’s pretty common for two developers to be working on the frontend component and backend component at the same time, making sure to communicate with each other well.

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