Ordered and unordered list error

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  <li>Dogs that chase them</li>
  <li>Over-stimulation from when people pet them</li>
  <li>Being sprayed with water</li>

  <li>chasing them</li>
  <li>giving food</li>

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Challenge: Create an Ordered List

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HI @sakshibhatkar !

Welcome to the forum!

When posting about challenges, please share your full code.

Right now it looks like you are missing the p tags that are supposed to go above the unordered and ordered lists.

In the ‘ol’ tags add the things cat hate you can prefer the following format if you want to:
‘p’ ‘/p’


‘li’ ‘/li’

‘li’ ‘/li’

‘li’ ‘/li’

it will be like this and in the ‘ul’ tag you should add the things cat’s love and add the tags after the ‘p’ tag.

happy coding :relaxed:!

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