Original size of Image for tribute page

What size should I choose for an tribute image?

I want to have a background image that covers the entire container and then an image with flex justify content center.

I am buying my images from onepixel and there is a image editor where I can specify the size. I’m not sure what size I should used.

I plan to use a media query to change the width and height for smaller screens.

Hi :slight_smile:

I think the best is to specify something like that for your image:

img {

It will display the image always adapted to the screen, and if the screen is large enough the image width will not increase!

I was really asking what size the original photo should be. I guessed at about 970 X 730 just to be safe. The original photo is over 2000 px wide. I know this is too large, and I don’t want part of it cut off. Not sure how the browser works when it resizes the image. I did get the css part that you posted.