OT: I just had my first ever Pull Request accepted :)

I downloaded a small widget for monitoring my bandwidth quota from my ISP on Ubuntu and it wasn’t working.

Since I got it from GitHub I decided to crack it open and see if I could fix it.

After a little poking around I made what I thought would be the correct changes and verified that it now worked as expected.

Then I took the plunge and sent an unsolicited Pull Request with my fix and it was accepted :slight_smile:

Pretty pleased with myself right now!

It was only a three line fix, but I’m happy because I knew which screw to turn


Congratulations :smile: i hope i make my first pull request soon :pray:

My first PR that got accepted is changing “an generic” to “a generic” in a chapter in YDKJS :slight_smile:.

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Congrats! It’s a good feeling!

For anyone looking to make their first PR, the FCC repo is a very forgiving environment to learn. Setup is a little involved, but once you get that done, look for the first-timers only yeah on the issues page and have at it. Just make sure to follow the rules for naming branches and whatnot.

Nice! That’s awesome!

Good job and congrats!